Payment methods

Every car rental always requires a credit or debit card as guarantee, even if the customer pays in cash.

The customer must present a personal credit or debit card to pick up the car.
The cards that are accepted are the following:
Visa, V-Pay, MasterCard and Maestro credit, debit and prepaid card.

An amount will be held as guarantee to your Credit or Debit account at the beginning of the rental. The estimated amount of rent and in addition the amount of the deposit must be approved by your Credit / Debit card at the beginning of the rental.
The amount will no longer be available for immediate use on your card and its release can take up to 7 working days, depending on your bank. We are not responsible for any bank charges or bank charges associated with this process.
Below you will find all the payment methods for renting a vehicle from Diamondmykonostransfers.

Bank Deposit / Bank Transfer to Diamondmykonostransfers’s Account


Piraeus Account Number::
IBAN: GR11 0171 7300 0067 3015 1222 404

NOTE: The reservation will be confirmed only when we receive the deposit in our bank account. The reservation will be CANCELED automatically if the deposit is not confirmed 48 hours before the delivery time of the vehicle.

Payment at Diamondmykonostransfers offices :

You can visit us at any time in our offices and make your payment using cash or credit card.